We put the you into queue.

Transform queueing into an efficient, safe, and enjoyable experience for your customers, and profitable activity for your business.

Convert queueing into a great shopping experience. 

Use a simple QR-code to automate your queue and convert it into an amazing, efficient and safe customer experience.

Optimize your store turnover.

Make people flow in and out your store efficiently supported by real-time notifications, optimizing your store's occupation and turnover.

Guarantee safe shopping conditions.

Automatically control the occupancy of your queues and store, and ensure people are safe all along their shopping experience.

Create realtime interactions.

Send your customers messages and notifications using SMS and their mobile browser to inform and trigger actions in realtime.

Get actionable insights into your consumers' behaviour.

Use surveys and historical data to get a deep understanding of how your customers feel and behave before, during, and just after their store visit. 

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